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Organoleptic characteristics: a well-structured and decided wine, distinguished by its full and refined flavour. It has a characteristic intense garnet red colour and the spicy and warm aromas of ripe fruit. Elegant to the palate, complex, well-balanced and full-bodied with hints of raisins.
Amarone is a wine of fundamental importance on the Italian wine scene. It is the flagship wine of Valpolicella and is known and appreciated worldwide.


Varieties of grapes: A blend of Corvina and Corvinone (70%), Rondinella (25%) and Molinara (5%)
Harvest: by hand in late September. Hand-harvested and graded grapes are placed in wooden crates and left to DRY for 3-4 months in naturally ventilated lofts, losing up to 40-45% of the weight of the grapes.
Output per hectare: 24 hl


Vinification: when drying is finished the grapes are pressed and fermented at controlled temperatures with selected yeasts and with its own skins for about 8-10 days.
Maturation: for about 30 months in oak barrels, 25% of which in new barrques and 75% in 25-hl barrels
Refinement: in bottle for about 12 months
Average analytical data:
- alcohol content: 16% vol
- total acidity: 5.80 g/l

- dry extract: 34 g/l

Serving temperature

Serving temperature: 16-18° It is advisable to uncork the bottle at least one hour before serving.
Dining combinations: Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Lavarini accompanies red, braised meats and game with distinction. Amarone, thanks to its hint of raisins, also accompanies dishes with sweet-and-sour flavours, including Asian and Middle Eastern cousins. A wine for meditation, Amarone is the ideal companion for pleasant conversation and evening at the fireside.

Bottle format

Bottle format: 750 ml, 1.500 ml
Lay-Down time: over 15 years

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